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BitsLink Computers Legazpi Albay Branch

BitsLink Legazpi
Trinity Building (near LCC Mall, beside LBC)
Lapu-lapu St., Legazpi City
Tel # (052) 480-27-28


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Today: Oct 24, 2014

Real Testimonials

"Bitslink Computers has been my supplier for my shop for the last 3 years and I can tell that they do have quality products and a friendly price. I highly recommend it!"

Ranjee Medrano
Owner, Ranjeeboy Net Hub
Lucena City
"Sa Bitslink ako pirmi nagduduman ta hababa na ang presyo at garantisado ang mga brand. Sa inda mo makukua ang latest at de kalidad na specifications ng computer packages. Highly recommended!"

Mark Murillo
Owner, Anstech Computer Clinic
Old Albay, Legazpi City
"Bago pa man ang sakuyang Internet Cafe digdi sa Legazpi at nakabakal ako ki limang unit sa ibang tindahan. Huna ko nakatipid na ako duman dai man palan mas nakatipd ako sa Bitslink hamak mo ta pirang units ang nabakal ko sa saindang Gamers Choice Packages. Bakal na at libre ang saindang services. Keep up the good work!"

Paolo Najar
Owner, Fortune YSP Internet Café
Tahao Road, Legazpi City


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